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New Year, New...Me?

Anyone else feling both stuck and optimistic all at the same time? I’ve caught myself putting off so much...letting that little voice at...

Anyone else feeling both stuck and optimistic all at the same time?

I’ve caught myself putting off so much...letting that little voice at the back of my head remind me of all the reasons why restarting this blog is a bit silly.

It’s been on my mind for a while. In fact, I wrote these words on new year’s day 2022 and it’s taken me 2 weeks to push ‘publish’.

Christmas gooch 2021 was supposed to be spent laying the foundation for this vision I’m manifesting where my full time job isn’t my only income stream. Instead, I spent it isolating riddled with covid symptoms like 1 in 10 other Londoners. SMH.

Obstacles, the worst being the ones our brains invent, will have you out here thinking the things you want aren’t for you. I rebuke this hard and so should you.

The journey to becoming more like the person you have in your head is riddled with all the old stories we’ve been telling ourselves about ourselves and lord knows I’m no different. However, in the last year or so I’ve taken it upon myself to figure out how to even begin to change the way I think about myself and what I’m capable of.

The journey continues and I haven’t felt ready to share it wider with the world. But what does ready even mean?? Are any of us really ever ready for anything that comes our way? Hard things are only hard because we don’t know how to do them yet. So, in the spirit of speaking my (and hopefully your) growth into existence, here are my commitments for the arbitrary amount of time we’ve decided is a “year”:

I will make reflecting on my growth journey a habit (i.e. blog weekly starting today)

I will break out of this seemingly endless creative block I’ve annoyingly learned to live with (one photo a day, any medium)  

So, now it’s out there. I’ve put these into the universe so all 3 people who see this can hold me accountable. If you haven’t shared yours already, stick them in the comments, let’s talk about it.  

In the next post, I’ll explain why the smaller your goals seem, the more likely you are to get them done. I’ll also include all the photos I’ve taken so far from Project One A Day (note to self, find a doper name).

If you’ve made it this far, share yours in the comments for some free accountability. Oh and consider signing up to the weekly mailing list so you never miss a post.

No pressure, no commitment.

Just 20 minutes to share what’s on your mind

I sat down about an hour ago to write this week’s post on motivation (LOL) and in that hour, I’ve customised a PAX wardrobe on the IKEA website.

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