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"What I love about Lumes' coaching style is she really helps me to understand why I wanted to achieve my goal as well as I how to get there.

She helped me to break my thoughts down into tasks and work on them step by step to get to where I am in with my business today.

Lauren B.

"Lumes is FANTASTIC at what she does. She has this uncanny way of leading you down your own path of resolution by asking you to ask yourself the right questions. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

I have called upon her services many times over the years. She's also hilarious and is one of the funniest and personable people I know.


"Lumes was a great coach that helped me understand how to settle at Google as a Noogler and more importantly how to deal with my doubts and questions on working here. "

She was an attentive and active listener who broke down my areas of discussion in helpful ways and provided feedback and context that was constructive. She's been great!


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